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During the last few days, once more, Turkey attacked directly Europe, invaded European territory, killed Europeans and remained unpunished!!! Why are we so eager to punish Russians (who, after all, never invaded EU soil and were rather justified in protecting their brothers) and let Turkey get away (once more) with murder first degree?

I don’t know if the European Media are actually promoting the Turkish invasion in Cyprus Independent Economic Zone. For those unaware, Turkey, in an unprecedented action of aggression and despite all international laws, invaded with warships and an underwater research ship the IEZ of Cyprus, a sovereign nation member of the EU. At the same time, the butchers of Asia Minor, are showing their aggression towards Greece by huge concentrations of their army in Thrace and Aegean coastline and by intercepting the continuous line between Rhodes and Castelorizo (Megisti), Greece’s east-south further border and direct link to Cyprus.

Furthermore, Turkey is most probably directly responsible for the killing of a Cypriot pilot and his Greek-Lebanese customer, since their plane crushed suspiciously near their warship, probably as a result of a direct hit or an intervention in its electronic devices. We will probably never learn the truth, since in such a small plane there is no “block box” and there are very few remains…

Turkey’s criminal, vermin-looking, PM, Davoutoglou, hilariously explained the action as a result of Turkey’s agreement with the, already invaded and illegally occupied, North Part of Cyprus. There are, off course, two important gaps in his explanations:

A)      The illegally invaded and occupied Northern Cyprus is not recognized as a state by none except Turkey and a few of its satellite Islamic friends (and enemies of the human race…). Even the association of Islamic States refused to acknowledge it, thanks to Egypt’s responsible and firm refusal. Furthermore Turkey is guilty for a number of war crimes during the 1974 invasion, including murder of POWs, stealing the property of Cyprian citizens (and selling it dearly to English “entrepreneurs” for “development”…shame on you UK!!), mass settlements etc. As a result, the Occupied Territories have no legal claim to any of the resources of Cyprus

B)      The area under attack lies on the Southern part of Cyprus!!! Thus, even if we accept Davoutoglou’s ridiculous case, the Occupied Territories have no claim over the area. In a fantastic turn depicting Turkey’s hypocrisy, the Islamic Aggressor asks for the unification of Cyprus (under its law and not the universal…), after almost 40 years of stating “there are two states in Cyprus”

What is at stake here is much greater than the economic interests of small and helpless Cyprus. As we all know by now, there are huge undersea natural gas depots in Cyprus’ sea. Some are already under way to be exploited after the collaboration with Israel (the only state able to turn Turkey away), but others remain to be distributed among its suitors for research and exploitation. Together with Greece’s rich undersea oil and gas fields (which also remain unexploited due to Turkish aggression, see my related article ACTUALLY GREECE CAN EASILY PAYBACK ALL ITS DEBT AND SAVE EU AND THE EURO… FOR THIS TO HAPPEN THOUGH, THE EUROPEANS SHOULD SUPPORT RIGHTEOUSNESS AND ADHERENCE TO INT’L LAWS, AND RALLY THEMSELVES AGAINST WORLD’S WORST ISLAMIC PREDATOR: TURKEY! in http://plagiaskepsi.blogspot.gr/2012/02/actually-greece-can-easily-payback-all.html) they may solve EU’s energy needs and also save both countries from the imminent bankrupsy.

Also, by restraining Turkey away from the East Medditeranean sea (where it has no role and no legal right, since Greece and Cyprus are linked via Rhodes-Castelorizo-Cyprus), we allow to the Israeli gas pipeline (and the Kurdish if their state is established…)free access to EU, without being subject to the Turkish whims. We all experienced what happens when your energy passes through unstable nations, such as Ukraine with the bad habit of usurping Russia’s gas without paying…

Furthermore, by allowing to Turkey such a breech of international laws, we increase their feeling of omni-potency, a feeling expressed by their verbal attacks, by their breech of NATO agreements (in 3 distinct cases Turkey refused to allow use of NATO bases for attacking Al-Khaida and ISIS), by their help to Islamic terrorists and by their continuous effort to flood Greece and Europe with hordes of Islamic Immigrants (see FRONTEX’s reports on Turkey’s active help to human traffickers and slave dealers in Aegean sea and Thrace).

So why is EU watching in awe as Turks are raping every notion of justice??? Why we overreacted in Ukrain (which, after all, is no EU member and faced no external invasion) by destroying our commerce with Russia and we are letting Turkey get away??? UK went even further (in its shameful downfall of degradation and submission to Islamic pigs) by blocking EUs request towards UN to intervene with a pharisaic explanation (“we don’t want to overburden UN’s council with crisis”!!!). Finland and Sweden (states also dangerously close to becoming Islamic dominated…) are also blocking Greece’s and Cyprus’ efforts to move EU into taking measures against Turkey. USA, suspiciously forgiving Turkey’s continuous treason of NATO and western principles, also “washes its hands” without condemning the crimes of Turkey.

Dear all, it is high time to make Turkey pay for its crimes against humanity and civilization. The mongol invaders must be thrown away from Europe at last and must be taught a hard lesson. Turkey must disintegrate (a big proportion of its territory belongs to Kurds, a much more reliable race and a race with dignity) into 3 or 4 parts. Properties of Greeks stolen during the Holocausts of 1922 and 1955 must be returned as well as properties of Cypriots, Armenians and Assyrians. The borders of Europe must be sealed so no more illegal invaders intrude, unless we want our continent to fall into Islamic hands. ACT NOW!!!

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